Halloween & Fall’s Most Popular “Pins”

247 repins, people! 247!!!













Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids
247 repins, 29 likes!!!!!!
from No Time For Flashcards

Coffee Filter Pumpkins
7 repins, 2 likes
from The Happier Homemaker

leaf positional book

Leaf Positional Book

Leaf positional book
17 repins, 2 likes!
from Pre-K Pages

Halloween Books for Kids
15 repins, 1 like!
from No Time For Flashcards

Paper Plate Ghosts...could it be any simpler?!

Paper Plate Ghosts

Halloween Party Ideas
7 repins, 1 like
from Clean & Scentsible

Cover mason jars, baby food jars, water bottles with gauze & googlie eyes

Googly Eye Mason Jars

Googly eye mason jars
5 repins
from Better Homes & Gardens

Halloween Party Games
5 repins, 2 likes
from Be Different Act Normal

Skinny Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Bread
7 repins
from What’s Cooking With Ruthie

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