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I Am Mom! Enough! Carnival buttonWelcome to the I Am Mom! Enough! Carnival hosted by Jennifer at Hybrid Rasta Mama and Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children.

This Carnival is dedicated to empowering ALL parents who practice and promote and peaceful, loving, attachment parenting philosophy. We have asked other parents to help us show the critics and the naysayers that attachment parenting is beautiful, uplifting, and unbelievably beneficial and NORMAL!

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When I first looked at Time Magazine‘s article “Are You Mom Enough?”, I was shocked reading the title.  I was glad that I had been reading about attachment parenting for the past two years, so I had the opportunity to form my own opinion before basing it on that article (to be fair, I haven’t read the article itself, but plenty of commentary on it.)  I’m far from being Attachment Parent of the Year, but that doesn’t matter.  To say simply that a woman is not mom enough just because she doesn’t breastfeeds her toddler alienates a lot of women and discourages them from learning about the complete attachment parenting package.  Although the media stirs up controversy, for the sake of their bottom line, it doesn’t accomplish anything– especially not the purpose of media, which is to inform.

As I grow older, it’s easier for me to form my own opinions.  That skill couldn’t have come at a better time as it coincided with me becoming a mother.  I remember a few conversations with my step-grandma that were pretty darn scary.  All about not spoiling your newborn by picking her up too frequently, breastfeeding isn’t beneficial, don’t confuse your child with teaching her two languages (not AP related, but that put me on the defensive) and spanking/hitting is appropriate discipline.  At the time I hadn’t heard of attachment parenting or positive parenting, but I knew her “advice” didn’t resonate with my philosophy, and boy was I right!  Unfortunately these uneducated remarks come from the most ignorant and the most closed-minded.

We can’t help those that aren’t interested in learning about something new.  I hope through my example they’ll see that my children are flourishing even with some of  my “weird” parenting ideas.  It’s easy for me to judge other parents for their misguided parenting techniques, but I’m bringing myself down in the process.  I’m also setting a bad example for my children in how to react to others’ decisions that differ from your own.  I wish that all parents practiced unconditional love.  I also realize the best parent to start with is myself.

It’s TIME to:

Be TRUE to our own parenting beliefs and don’t let ill-informed suggestions linger

IMAGINE our children’s futures and try to tailor our philosophies to that visualization

Apologize for MISTAKES and remind ourselves that life isn’t meant to be perfect

Not be afraid to EVOLVE and improve ourselves

It’s TIME to unabashedly live our core values!  Our core values are important to our happiness.  When we don’t fulfill them, our happiness will decrease.  My values and strengths as a mother aren’t the same as my neighbors’ and relatives’.  Diversity is unavoidable and enriching, so let’s embrace differences and while we live true to our core values, we can do so with passion, compassion and love… all while knowing that we’re MOM enough!


Thank you for visiting the I Am Mom! Enough! Carnival hosted by hosted by Jennifer at Hybrid Rasta Mama and Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children.
Please take time to read the submissions by the other carnival participants and check out previous posts at the linky party hosted by Joni from Tales of a Kitchen Witch and Jennifer from True Confessions of a Real Mommy:
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  • I Am Dad Enough! — Attachment parenting does not only have to be about moms; their partners are just as important. In Code Name: Mama’s family, Dionna’s husband, Tom, is papa enough for lots of things.

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5 Responses to TIME to Be You!

  1. Mandy says:

    Authenticity is an important thing which we can give ourselves and our children.

  2. I love how you talk about your reactions becoming a teaching moment for your children. It is so true we teach our children through our actions not our words.

  3. “It’s easy for me to judge other parents for their misguided parenting techniques, but I’m bringing myself down in the process.” Wow. I had not even looked at it like this. You are totally right…every time we pass judgment, we are actually bringing our own self down. Because really, who are we to judge what is “weird” parenting and what isn’t?

    Thanks for an honest post with some insight into your mothering and mothering journey. You are definitely standing on solid ground and represent AP beautifully!

    Thanks for being a part of this Carnival!

  4. Totally agree, I know I am the best mom for my son, just the same as my neighbour is the best mom for her son even if she may not practice AP🙂

  5. Dionna Ford says:

    Love your acronym!! Apologizing for mistakes is a big one here, as I am not the ideal mama either (AP or otherwise).
    ~Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

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