Sunday Surf: April 29 – May 5

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaI’m joining Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for Sunday Surf. Share your best reading of the week, and link up your post at either blog!

For more great reading, visit Hobo Mama or Authentic Parenting for the latest Sunday Surf and linky.

Happy Surfing!

Parenting articles:
I Used To Hit My Children  {The Single Crunch via Aha Parenting and Positive Parenting Connection}

Talking To Toddlers — 4 Secrets That Bring You Closer  {Janet Lansbury}

Your Child’s Action Plus Your Reaction = Outcome  {Aha!}

Setting Limits With Toddlers – The Choices They Can’t Make  {Janet Lansbury}

Early Childhood Brain Activities to Share  {PreK & K Sharing}

Information and Suggestions:
Five Important Things I Learned About Food From Joel Salatin  {Crunchy Betty}
Basically Salatin suggests that if you can afford a cell phone, you can afford real food. It’s all about priorities.

How to Get Yourself Into An Exercise Routine  {guest post at The Skinny}

Children’s Literature: How to find a Good Book  {I can teach my child!}

DIY – Working With Water  {Crunchy Betty}
Advice in making your own concoctions (like for beauty products, cooking spray, etc).  You much refrigerate, freeze or use natural preservatives to stabilize and prolong the concoction without growing bacteria.

Odds and Ends:
Nature’s magic number, φ  {}
I remember reading about this in The Da Vinci Code.  Interesting stuff.

Louie Schwartzberg- Gratitude  {TEDxTalks via my dad ;)}
Filmmaker who does slow lapse of nature talks about having gratitude for beauty in nature and in ourselves.

25 Classic Crafts For Kids  {No Time For Flashcards}

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A Germanophile, who is figuring out how to build her strengths through improving her mind, body and soul.
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3 Responses to Sunday Surf: April 29 – May 5

  1. These are great resources. Thank you so much for including by posts!

  2. You just made my day, putting me on any list with Janet Lansbury and Laura Markham. Thank you so much, glad to find your blog.

    • fraurab says:

      Janet Lansbury and Aha! Parenting are staples on my Sunday Surf. Your story is so inspirational on how you changed your parenting views. My big problem is yelling– something that is also not beneficial and a topic that Laura Markham writes about frequently, as well. Thanks for reading and supporting my blog!🙂

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