Sunday Surf: April 1-7

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaI’m joining Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for Sunday Surf. Share your best reading of the week, and link up your post at either blog!

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Happy Surfing!

The Age of Entitlement: Fact or Fiction?  {Positive Parenting}
This was an interesting read for me.  We hear on the news all the time about how spoiled and lazy the teenagers and children are these days.  People weep for our future.  Yet, yet… it seems that every generation of adults thinks that about the upcoming generation.  Maybe the problem isn’t with the young, but with the adults?

Art Appreciation  {Teacher Tom}
Great inspiration here– First because I had real interest in art history, but in the last four years it has really waned, and secondly he gives some wonderful ideas to help kids appreciate art young.

10 Signs it’s Time to Let Go  {Mark and Angel Hack Life}
I wasn’t sure what this post was referring to at first.  Then it became clear– letting go of people in your life.  I remember as a young college student rolling my eyes at my roommates for making break ups and/or deciding if he’s “the one” so dramatic.  Then it was my turn… and wow it’s tough.  So difficult that I couldn’t let go. So I didn’t.  Good thing it worked out!

A Beautiful World and Healthy Brains  {guest post at PreK & K Sharing}
We’re talking water and oxygen and their positive effects on the brain.  Clean world, clean body equals happy life!

They’ll Need This Later  {Brick by Brick via Janet Lansbury}
This post features a lot of playing and reflecting how play prepares them for later.

On Not Doing it All  {}
I think Amber does a good job at keeping it real on her blog.  I have the illusion that some of my neighbors are doing it all.  It’s silly to think that because I know they don’t.  No one can do everything well.  :)  Maybe there are the rare few Renaissance Women out there.😉

The one piece of breastfeeding advice every new mother needs to know  {Mama Eve via Janet Lansbury}
Or advice that I need to read the second time around for review.  So true, your instincts are the most important.

Why Three-Year-Olds Are Easier to Dicipline  {Ask Dr. Sears®}
His reasons that three is better than age two make sense.  I just hope it’s actually true because my daughter’s communication skills aren’t the same as the other kids’ on the block.  The other reasons, I think, encourage me though.  A three year old is more obedient, is able to think more about consequences of actions, and doesn’t view her own agenda as the only agenda.

Darkness, Light and Finding Meaning  {Crafting My Life}
“So often, we are afraid to take action or put ourselves out there, because we are afraid that the darkness will engulf us. We are afraid that if we share our little spark of light, it will be extinguished. Our dragons [fears] tell us that we should just stay safe in our houses, barring the door against the night, because nothing good can come of lighting a flame and setting out. Our dragons have forgotten the power that light has. …Instead, we need to embrace the gifts that being in the dark offers, and we need to create our own little beacons of light by being our own selves, and following our dreams. Each little step that we take towards living with purpose and meaning helps the light to grow, and spreads it to those that we touch. As we do that, we learn that we need never be afraid of the dark.” ~Amber Strocel (underlinings are mine)

Make Your Brain Quick and Clear With These 5 Essential Oils  {Crunchy Betty}
As a college student I heard that students who chew gum while studying and taking exams, test higher than those who don’t.  Some said the reason was recalling the gum taste with the study material as you took the test.  But it does add to my bias that essential oils (like peppermint) do improve your mind… as I was a gum chewer in college.😉

The Dangers of Oversharing on Social Media  {Technology Your Way}
Practical advice on protecting your home by limiting information given out on Facebook, et al.

Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt {Molly Moo} with Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt– FREE printable!  {Happy Home Fairy via Molly Moo}
Fun idea to add another element to the egg hunt with clues/puzzles to find the basket.

The Real Story Of Art  {Teacher Tom via Pinterest}
Preschoolers becoming involved in Cubism.  I also liked a closer look into the book When Pigasso met Mootisse, which at first sounded silly to me, but there’s more to it.

Natural Egg Dyes For Real Simple  {One Charming Party}
Great ideas to dye hard boiled eggs naturally with raspberries, blueberries, coffee, paprika, and turmeric.

Kool-aid Easter eggs  {Meet the Dubiens}
Another easy egg dying option!

Colorful Bird Card Craft  {Inner Child Fun}
We haven’t made this yet, but I have made another craft using cupcake liners with success, so it’s worth trying.  I love easy crafting ideas!

40+ Craft Ideas for HIM! Ideal for Birthdays, Father’s Day & Christmas  {Red Ted Art’s Blog}
Some serious inspiration here for “manly” craft gifts.

Pooping paper bunny basket  {Tally’s Treasury}
Something to put a smile on your face!

Recipes and food:
Healthy Easter dessert: Holly Clegg’s Heavenly Yam Delight  {This Mama Cooks! On a Diet}
I can’t decide if I even want to try this cake or not.  I have enjoyed desserts with squash in them in the past, so it might be a winner.

Brunch is in the Air: 9 Fabulous Recipes  {Food Your Way}
These ideas made me so hungry!  My two favorites are Eggs in a Basket and Waffle Cone Fruit Cups.

Real Food Advice  {Musings of a Housewife}
Some great suggestions here.  However, I know a few of them I will never do.

It’s the first Sunday after the full moon that follows Spring Equinox, which means… Happy Easter!

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