Sunday Surf: March 25-31

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaI’m joining Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for Sunday Surf. Share your best reading of the week, and link up your post at either blog!

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Happy Surfing!

This is the last Sunday Surf of (my) first quarter participating!  I have some interesting stats coming up in the next post.  It’s fun to see how many blogs and websites have inspired me in the last three months.  I hope to keep participating in Sunday Surf as long as I have the time.  Thanks for reading!

10 Steps to Build Independence in Play  {Natural Parents Network via Love Notes Mama}
Great suggestions in (realistically) extending your child’s independent play longer and longer.

The Brain on Love  { via Aha! and Janet Lansbury}
This is an incredible article.  I read it stunned and excited about such research.  Love is very powerful and affects the brain powerfully, too.  Love eases pain?  True.  Love excites the brain like cocaine to an addict?  True.  The reason why you fall in love with “your dad”?  You’ll need to read more about it in detail.🙂
“Thanks to advances in neuroimaging, we now have evidence that a baby’s first attachments imprint its brain. The patterns of a lifetime’s behaviors, thoughts, self-regard and choice of sweethearts all begin in this crucible.” ~Diane Ackerman

7 Steps to Becoming a Happy Person Others Wants  to Be Around  {Michael Hyatt Intentional Leadership via Life Your Way}
I had to read this twice to really appreciate the advice.  Complaining not only taints (or trains) your brain to notice negativity, but it leads family, friends, and new acquaintances to want to get away from your toxicity, and further they can’t trust you.

A Clutter-Free Counter  {My Home Tableau via Simple Mom}
I always need this reminder to clean the counter and the reminder of having the “I can do anything” feeling that follows.

Technology can push our crazy buttons, rewire brains  {USA Today via Facebook (friend)}
A general summary of how technology affects our lives.

How Children Learn Right From Wrong  {Aha!}
How encouraging it is to realize that example is the best teacher.  For some parents I suppose that’s not good news, but for me it’s motivation to start being more proactive and positive around my daughter.

What if your child DOES know Right from Wrong and chooses to do Wrong?  {Aha!}
I like her advice in this post.  Mostly connection before correction, getting to the core if what triggered the outburst or defiance.  She makes parenting look so easy!  (I don’t even know how to correct the mistakes of my 2 year old.)

The greatest danger bloggers face.  {Jon Acuff’s Blog via Life Your Way}
He admits, “I started writing a blog about my life instead of living my life.”  The comments are interesting, too.  I have three blogs and too frequently I find myself yelling and being impatient with my daughter because I “need” to finish this blog post.  There are many benefits of blogging.  My family blog has already reminded me of so many things that she’s said or done that it is worth the time, but I should work on when that best time is.

All about books:
The Importance of Storytelling  {Hybrid Rasta Mama}
Interesting perspective on storytelling from the Waldorf philosophy.  Plus a list of great book recommendations at the end!

Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10  { via Pinterest}
What an amazing list of books!  They are so diverse.  I have read many (and many past age 10) but there are so many on the list that I’ve never heard of before!  I’m so excited to read them (uh-hum, with my daughter!)😉

12 Favorite Books to Start the Money Conversation with your Child  {}
Fun book ideas to introduce money, values and work ethic to work up to bigger discussions on the topic.  The author is such a nice lady too and commented on my post in the blog carnival.

Books & Play: Enhancing Reading Comprehension In a Fun Way.  {Positive Parenting Connection}
Fun idea in creating another dimension of reading comprehension using action.

Children’s classic books for spring  {Wordplayhouse® via Pinterest}
Learning about these two authors have intrigued me.  I looked them up in the library database and there are a few in our network.  The books look so whimsical.

Quick Kids Craft: Easy Spotty Eggs  {Red Ted’s Art Blog}
I’m always looking for easy ways to decorate or craft… in this case hard boiled eggs!

Clouds in jars and on the table top too!  {Teach Preschool}
It took me a while (being stuck on the fact that I would need to buy shaving cream and liquid droppers) to find this idea so intriguing.  It really is a neat science/weather idea!

5 Festive Easter Crafts for Kids  {Inner Child Fun}
Last year we made the Easter Egg Thumbprint Card.  This year I’ve been wanting to try the Super Easy Last-Minute Carrot Card, but I’m not sure how well that will go over with getting paint on just one finger (it was disastrous when I tried this cute idea earlier this month.)

35 Ways to Have Fun Under One!  {Make, Do & Friend via I can teach my child!}
Good refreshers on activities to do with those crawlers-not-yet-walkers.

Forever Friends: Four seasons Play with tp rolls trees  {Creativity My Passion}
Funny, I just pinned this on Pinterest and forgot that I recently put her on my Bloglovin account to follow.  It came up on there, so I decided to put it the week’s Sunday Surf!

Easter bunny napkin rings  {Tally’s Treasury, formally called: I Could Make That}
I love her paper templates.  This seems doable to me and completely adorable!

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  3. omg, each of these posts totally flipped me! I love them and am going to recommend them on my sunday surf, thank you for sharing and letting me copy!😀

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