Sunday Surf: March 11-17

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaI’m joining Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for Sunday Surf. Share your best reading of the week, and link up your post at either blog!

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Happy Surfing!

Interesting ideas:
Name Blending  {Anktangle}
Names are important.  They give us identity.  What if you don’t feel proud of your heritage or relate to your last name?  Upon marriage, do you change your last name to your husband’s?  Or your husband changes his last name to yours?  Or hyphenate?  I haven’t heard of this idea though: blend a name together.  With letters from both family names, make a new last name (not in the family tree!) to represent your own family.  Good luck to them!

Your Mini-Guide to Removing Stuff From Stuff  {Crunchy Betty}
This post has awesome ideas for removing stuff (labels, makeup, stains) from stuff (jars, face, furniture) naturally!

Organization: Removing Rocks or Just Moving Them Around?  {Organizing Your Way}
I loved this illustration.  What’s the sand and water in my life?  Social media, Internet, TV… what should the gravel be?  Hobbies, interests and projects… and what should the big rocks be?  Family, myself and happiness.  Looks like my priorities are completely backward, meaning I can’t fit it all in my life (in order to fit everything in the mason jar, one needs to start with the big rocks!)

Showing up is Enough  {Crafting My Life}
I remember at my Associate of Arts ceremony, the guest speaker Larry Miller told us 99% of life is “showing up”.  He said he was surprised how many people don’t even show up to job interviews.  I just need to show up and start enjoying life, not fearing it.

What is all this talk about princesses?  {guest post at Anktangle}
Another perspective into the fairly-new princess-crazed society of ours.  She also has book recommendations at the end.

Family Time: Meal Time Conversation Starters  {Childhood 101 via Not Just Cute}
My dad would ask us, “What did you learn today?”  That’s been so ingrained in me that I think I’ll do that too, but we’ll see.  I just heard something interesting the other day from billionaire Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx.  She said that her dad would ask, “What did you FAIL at today?”  She would say something like, “I tried out for the basketball team and didn’t make it.”  And then he would be excited and give her a high-5.  This blew me away although I see the value in it.  If we are so afraid to try new things because we may fail, we won’t get too far.  I know that I’m personally afraid of failure.  It certainly gives me a new perspective in asking questions at the dinner time.  In my head I’m trying out the phrase, “How did you improve your day/how did you make your day better?”

Quality of Mother-Toddler Relationship Linked to Teen Obesity  {Science Daily via Janet Lansbury}
“Rather than blaming parents for childhood obesity, the researchers say these findings suggest that obesity prevention efforts should consider strategies to improve the mother-child bond and not focus exclusively on eating and exercise.”

Parenting posts:
10 Books You Must Read Read To Your Daughter (Or How To Keep Your Daughter From Ending Up Like That Horrid Girl In Twilight)  {Carrots for Michelmas via Simple Mom}
I like book lists, especially those made from mothers with the heading like “must-reads before college”, etc.  I hope my daughter reads more of the Classics than I do!  I will totally love reading chapter books to/with her.  And hopefully we can even do a mother and daughter book club with she’s in elementary school, too!

10 Tips for Choosing Toys  {Ask Dr. Sears®}
I like the suggestions “how many senses does it stimulate?”;  “will I enjoy playing with this?” and “can it be enjoyed by both genders?”

Encouraging Independent Play  {Childhood 101}
I like that she “fill[s] up her tank full of mama love again” and wants her daughter to play independently, understanding that her parents have duties to do around the house… especially with the little sibling on the way.  (I hope that we have a little sibling on the way, soon, too!)

Tips and Ideas for Avoiding (or Overcoming) Postpartum Depression  {Motherhood On A Dime via Pinterest}
I like the idea that taking care of yourself during pregnancy helps afterward, too.

Perfection Is Too Low a Standard  {Aha!}
There are way too many quotable sentences in this post.  I love the concept!  Instead of using perfection as a measurement of success, she suggests using love.  She adds, “Instead, can you guide today with faith that your child is blossoming and growing all the time, becoming her best self?  What she needs from you, more than teaching, is the emotional nutrients to thrive:  unconditional love, joy in who she is, faith in the friendliness of the universe and in her own goodness and ability to grow.” ~Dr. Laura Markham

What is Positive Guidance, Exactly?  {Not Just Cute}
I bought her e-book and enjoyed reading it.  This post defines Positive Guidance and what it means, and she busts the myths surrounding the philosophy.

Did my child just say §#%! ? Four Positive Ways to Curb Cursing and Profanity.  {Authentic Parenting}
Good ideas for me to keep in mind.  Except that in our situation, I now swear more than my husband.

Activities for toddlers:
Sensory Play: Sound eggs  {The Iowa Farmer’s Wife}
I really like this idea, like memory for the ears than for the eyes.  I’m just trying to think of what to use.  She suggests jingle bells, beans, marbles, and pompoms.  I like that she said that she needed to practice with her daughter a lot.  It gives me confidence to try something like this knowing that it’s okay if she won’t get it right away.

Painting a rainbow of flowers: Lois Ehlert Style  {Teach Preschool}
I love painting with new elements (like sponges).  I just need to find these sponges!  They look so cool!

St. Patrick’s Day Yarn Art  {Motherhood Your Way}
Crafting a rainbow with a “bow” shape and rainbow-colored yarn and glue.

Crafts and food:
Scratch-Off Chore Chart For Kids  {No Time For Flashcards}
Awesome idea to do a scratch off card for kids.  I like the idea to use it as a Stocking Stuffer, too!

Rainbow cupcakes  {Meet the Dubiens}
Finally a rainbow cupcake that I can handle.  I don’t want to make six different colored-batter to make the real McCoy.  This idea is just jelly beans for the rainbow and whipped topping for a cloud (on top of a plain ol’ cupcake!)

Is All White Food “Bad” for You?  {guest post at I can teach my child!}
Ideas for preparing cauliflower.

~Thanks for reading!  Come back next week!~

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  2. I love all your links! So much to read! So. much. to. read. I’ll be back once I’ve browsed.🙂

    Right now the book list post’s alternate title is cracking me up.

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