Sunday Surf: Feb. 26 – Mar. 3

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This week they’re simply in chronological order.

These are the phrases that I want to avoid.  Some I told myself I would never say, even before reading about gentle discipline and unconditional parenting, like “Because I said so!”  It makes sense, after reading Kohn’s book on unconditional parenting, why it isn’t smart to say to your child, “I love you but not what you did.”  That’s a difficult concept for parents to understand.  A new one was the line, “I’m your mother, not your friend.”  Everyone that I have ever spoken to has told me that my daughter will have plenty of friends but only one mother.  There is a fine line here… I’m not saying I want to shop in the same department and act like a teenager when she’s a teenager.  I want her to have a relationship with me that’s akin to friendship, as Tara says in this post:

“Yet if parents brought some of the qualities of their friendships into the relationships with their children (enjoying each other’s company, laughing together, respecting each other’s autonomy), they could have their children behave and a beautiful relationship with their children.”

I’m concerned about her new preschool teacher giving out homework.  I’ll have to see how she approaches children and talks to them, but I think she’ll be a good preschool teacher for her.

I completely related to this article. Of course, it’s normal to think the “What ifs” in marriage– it’s part of life. My marriage has been full of ‘normal marital hatred’ from the beginning. I didn’t like to bring it up to others because most didn’t understand. I just moved to a new neighborhood and most of my neighbors can commiserate. It’s also important to note that the article explains that there is no perfect person. Reality can hit pretty hard after the initial infatuation fades. After that, get out the relationship tools and try to remember why you fell in love in the beginning.

I like the imagery in this post.  Amber is encouraging us to have a leap of faith in ourselves.  She also asks how we are going to make a leap of change?  I like her suggestion to start small.

I’ve just requested this book through the library.  Chapter 1 discusses focus and self-control, subjects that I’ve read a lot about already on the Internet.  What spoke to me the loudest was the idea that TV background noise affects self-control greatly.  Yikes!  My daughter has heard TV background noise almost every day of her life.  I’m making a new goal to not let my daughter watch her favorite show for hours (literally three to five a day.)  Of course I don’t like the idea.  It’s harder for me to just play with her, but TV affects her mood and apparently her brain.  I want the best for her, and I’m not giving her my best.

I’ve been blessed (my perspective, anyway) to not need to worry about mental disorders.  I liked his [Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D.] analogy of children being flowers.  Not just because it was illustrating his point, but because it is helpful to remember that every one is unique (e.g. comparing kids on the playground or at play groups?)  It was intriguing to me that in the last 50 years the amount of diagnosed disorders have more than tripled.  Either we as a society are becoming more aware, or we’re labeling every single deviance from the norm as a disorder.  I would guess it’s a little bit of both.  He joked about every single person being diagnosed with some kind of mental disorder (from mild to extreme) and just from life experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was actually a true statement.

A healthier banana foster recipe!  I’m excited to try it this summer.

I loved every single word of this article!  It sums up everything that I’m beginning to understand about gentle discipline and unconditional parenting.  Bottom line: “Fear blocks learning”!  Don’t discipline in anger but in wisdom.  I hope I’m capable of that.🙂

Hopefully I’ll remember these ideas for next year… or the year after that.  Next year she’ll also be celebrating Seuss’ birthday at preschool!

I’m such a sucker for muffins!  Yum!

I’ve been looking for some cute cup desserts from my new dessert glasses and -spoons!!  I’m excited to try the Raspberry Cream Cups with Pretzels and the Apple Cider Floats.

How to use the 3 R’s: repair, reflection and responsibility.

A great resource of alphabet books.  Also check out Not Just Cute‘s recommendations!

7 tips to help decrease the amount we unnecessarily apologize.

This is a beautiful letter.  I feel a little bad for publishing it on my site because it feels so personal, yet I already feel the same way about the thought of having another baby. It’s comforting to know that there are other women who experience the same thoughts and feelings.

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