Sunday Surf: Feb. 12-18

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaI’m joining Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for Sunday Surf. Share your best reading of the week, and link up your post at either blog!

For more great reading, visit Hobo Mama or Authentic Parenting for the latest Sunday Surf and linky.

Happy Surfing!

General Advice:
18 ways to Inspire Everyone Around You {Marc and Angel}
I always need reminders on how to live more life more fully– and inspiring others to do so, too.

Truth About Password Security & Being Hacked  {Anktangle}

Parenting Advice:
Where Have All The Kids Gone?  {Connected Mom}
Suggestions on how to let your kids roam free like the good ol’ days.  I’m very guilty of “keeping” my daughter indoors all day long.

Need More Patience? Start With Yourself.  {Not Just Cute}
This has been a huge topic in the blogosphere.  I know what I need to do to become more patient.  I don’t need to memorize several lists.  This post is so realistic that while reading it, you don’t feel like you need to memorize “new” suggestions.

Why I Tell My Girls They’re Beautiful. Often. 
{Motherhood Your Way}
The more that I read about parenting philosophies that shake my parenting paradigm, the more I wonder, “What can I say/do?”  Don’t say good job, don’t get on the Disney-Princess Bandwagon, don’t do time-outs, etc… I appreciate this post because it’s not bad to say “You’re beautiful” or as my mom used to tell me, “You’re beautiful on the inside and out.”  In fact, if we don’t say it, who knows whom they’ll believe as a vulnerable adolescent.

How to Transform What’s Draining You  {Aha!}
Change your attitude, look at your child’s annoying qualities in a good light, reprioritize your to-do list, and improve your routine.

10 Ways To Involve Children With Pregnancy  {Ask Dr. Sears®}
One day this post will apply to me!  I like these suggestions a lot.  My daughter will turn 3 during my pregnancy (if that ever happens!) so she’ll be old enough to be involved in the doctor appointments, talking to the baby and understanding how the baby is growing.  I just keep telling myself that the older she is, the easier it will be to care for a newborn (she’ll understand more and be more helpful.)  Since it’s been taking longer to conceive that I had hoped, my new goal is to have a newborn in the house before Christmas.😉

Shaming or Showing The Way  {Authentic Parenting}
More encouragement for gentle discipline/positive guidance parenting.

(Advice from the February 2012 Carnival of Natural Parenting on “Respectful Interactions With Other Parents”)
Explain, Smile, Escape  {Anktangle}
I like her flow chart and to gently explain your decision, smile and nod if you don’t feel like getting into an argument, and quickly leave and change the situation if the discussion is uncomfortable or going nowhere fast.

10 Tips to Communicate Respectfully, Even When You Disagree  {Code Name: Mama}
She gives some incredible tips.  Throughout the post, she is reminding us that disagreements can (and probably should) build connections, especially important with family.

Respectful Parenting As a Way of Life {MaMammalia}
I liked this post because she is asking us to look in a different perspective.  Maybe this parent hasn’t heard of unconditional parenting [I’ve just began reading about it last year!] or that parent was abused as a child, so dragging a child by its arm is showing restraint.  We all have complicated pasts and change takes generations because it’s a step by step process.

If You Can’t Say Something Nice… {Living Montessori Now}
The theme of this post was to remind us that (usually) there is something positive to be found in a person, situation, opinion, etc.  I think that if I do focus on the positives with argumentative people, that they’ll need to find someone else to debate with.

How to Respond Respectfully to Unwanted Parenting Advice and Judgment  {Natural Parents Network}
I consider myself open-minded.  Sometimes I falter in that, but I’ve really tried to listen.  A key moment in my life was when I was studying abroad.  I met a man from Jordan.  He was kind, although at first I was hesitant of him.  He asked if I could help him with his English (and paid me a little, too.)  One day I asked him about his religion and why they treat women the way they do.  I remember that he began to explain and I was about to interrupt to argue… when I stopped myself.  I essentially told myself, “Shut up!  Don’t you call yourself open-minded?”  I listened and learned a lot about how ideally it should work and why they want women to cover their hair, etc and that men are supposed to save money for their future wife and give it to them for their discretion (he told me what his sisters have used the money for, or saved it and later they needed the money for a house, etc.)  Ideally, I understood why and how it should work. So listen and learn– at least understand where their perspective is coming from.

Finding your mama-groove: 5 ways to Eliminate Judge/Be Judged Mentality  {MudpieMama}
What spoke to me most about this post was your own confidence and “centered” feeling.  If you feel at peace and secure with your life and decision, it will be harder for the Judge/Be Judged mentality to enter our thoughts and weaken our hearts.

Respecting the Parenting of Others: Quieting  Judgey McJudgerson  {Monkey Butt Junction}
I mostly clicked on this post because of its title.  She does talk a lot about growth and just because you were judgmental doesn’t mean that it has to define yourself now.  It’s a process of understanding and respecting.

Being Gracious with Parenting {My World Edenwild}
She shares tips about receiving and giving parenting advice.  I like her comment about sharing ideas instead of giving advice; remembering the relationship instead of your ego; and to have your own mind to filter information or impress other with your amazing facts (to support your decisions.)

My resolutions:
Is technology making us stupid?  Author suggests ‘Internet Sabbath’ to students  {Deseret News}
First I’m so jealous of these students.  This class sounds so interesting!!  I’ve actually had Scott Rogers six years ago as a professor for an English class on prostitution and the Victorian view of it– really awesome and challenging class.  I’ve also taken two courses where there were three professors.  Second, at least I can read the book Hamlet’s BlackBerry and try to implement “Walden Zones” in my house and make a digital routine.  While writing this, I already know I’m failing this miserably.

An Idaho Sunrise: Egg-Stuffed Baked Potatoes  {Our Best Bites}
Interesting idea.  It’s an omelet in a potato skin… Sounds like a great brunch for Easter or Christmas.

Toddler activities:
Listen & Find Word Search  {No Time For Flashcards}
This is a great idea, especially for boys.  It will peak the listening in a different way!

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