Sunday Surf: Feb. 5-11

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaI’m joining Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for Sunday Surf. Share your best reading of the week, and link up your post at either blog!

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Happy Surfing!

Happy thoughts:
Manifesting Lessons  {Clean. via Hobo Mama}
Remember the buzz around The Secret?  My aunt told me it was based on someone else’s idea.  This must be him:  the law of attraction.  I have most definitely seen positive thinking manifest itself into positive experiences in my own life. This is perfect timing because I’ve been unmotivated the last two weeks and it’s time for me to think bigger, more positive thoughts.

99 Tiny Stories to Make You Think, Smile and Cry 
{Marc and Angel}
It took me an hour to read these spine-tingling stories.

Too Many Choices: Overcoming Decision Paralysis  {Crafting my Life}
“All that you need is a willingness to follow your heart in small ways. Easy ways. Bite-sized, tasty, manageable ways. If you have that, you can get started on the road to making positive change in your life.” –Amber Strocel

Intriguing parenting thoughts:
Why French Parents Are Superior  {}
I don’t believe that; however, this article almost convinced me.  My two-year old daughter doesn’t act like a monster at restaurants although she does have tantrums and has no self-control.  By reading blog posts written by American mothers, I have learned (or become more familiar with) about self-play, self-control, the fact that discipline is teaching not about punishment, and children do want boundaries.  These are great ideals, and I would like to implement them so life is easier for me in the long run.  But French parents being superior?  Nah….

Are French Parents Better or Do They Just Spank More?
Aha!  Two days after reading the above article, I knew that I was right along!  Dr. Laura Markham makes a point that the French parenting philosophies are like those of our grandparents’ that can have lasting (negative) effects into adulthood.  She also says that France is the only European country where spanking is still legal and French parents spank twice as much as Americans.  However, she does agree that the French motivate self-play well and over all don’t allow TV viewing until after age 3.

Parent Do-Overs — 7 Confidence Building Responses  {Janet Lansbury}
I love the comparison and the suggestions!  I remember saying, not too long ago, that I wish I were as smart as Clair and Cliff Huxtable of “The Cosby Show”.  Well, I guess that isn’t possible and they were so smart because they memorized lines and had several takes.😉

Have You Been the “Favorite Aunt” Today?  {Back to Basics}
My sister and sister-in-law, who don’t have children yet, are my daughter’s favorite aunts because they are playful, fun and giving.  When I became an aunt, a year before having my daughter, I adored my nephew a lot.  When I became a mother, though, all that changed.  I am too busy with my child to be *fully* interested in my nieces and nephews, at least at this age.  The suggestion to become the favorite aunt means to let go of the have-to and just play.

Family: Does Size Matter?  {Perfect Family Size}
It seems like the biggest factor of family size is tradition [the size of the family of origin.]  Interesting enough, my dad didn’t want six kids, like his parents, because he wanted a different family lifestyle.  How you grew up has a big influence on how you view family size.

25 Rules for Mothers of Sons  {Team Studer via Not Just Cute}
I have read a couple of times about how raising girls shouldn’t be different than raising boys.  Getting down to the basics, I can see why and how gender shouldn’t make a difference… but it does in this society.  So with that, these “rules” should apply to every mother.

More intriguing thoughts:
The web made us smarter.  Is Facebook making us dumb?  {}
I think so.  I have forgotten how to research.  I’m on Facebook all day, rotting my brain, reading about so-called friends’ lives, who I haven’t seen in person in 10 years?  It’s called addiction…  Even so, I agree with the article about how those who have an opinion that differs with their social circle, would be less likely to speak up.  It’s polarizing and doesn’t promote being open-minded.  Plus, I really didn’t want to know how extreme right my extended relatives are….

Sometimes I despair: changing people’s minds about child care  {Aunt Annie’s Childcare}
I have religion on my mind right now and what she suggests applies to changing people’s minds about anything.  She writes, “There’s an old wisdom that states that if you want social mayhem, just bring up sex, religion or politics. I’d like to add ‘child rearing’ to that.”

Learning Off Energy  {Moving Smart Blog via Janet Lansbury & Not Just Cute}
I have never made that connection before– moving equals learning!  As I read it (with some focus), I noticed that I was twirling my foot.  So the author suggests that instead of saying “burning off energy”, we should say, “learning off energy!”

(For President’s Day)
Cost of Living In George Washington’s Time  {}
It’s pretty remarkable how much he earned as President.  It was a different world back then, for sure.

Yummy thoughts:
Snickerdoodle Blondies  {One Perfect Bite}
I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a snickerdoodle cookie before, but these blondies sound good for a change!

Lactation Cookies  {ICAN Blog via Authentic Parenting}
I just need Brewer’s Yeast!

Butternut Squash Brownies  {good (CHEAP) eats}
Excellent!  Another dessert recipe that uses squash.  I love making my butternut squash roll, chocolate zucchini cake and maybe I tell myself that these brownies are healthier because they have squash in them?!

Organizing thoughts:
How a “Clean Kitchen Counter” Will Make You a More Peaceful and Happy Mom {Motherhood Your Way}
This must be a universal problem and a universal feeling.  My mom just told me that she feels like she can conquer the world when she has a clean counter.  Hmm… am I ambitious enough to accept her challenge this week?

Creating a wardrobe that works for you  {Simple Mom}
I just boxed my old clothing from college (and some from high school!) to donate to a second hand store.  My mom actually dropped them off for me, along with some other items.  But this means I have more shopping to do to build up a new wardrobe.  These tips are helpful, and I should be going through my clothing every few years to keep up with it all.

Toddler activities:
Making tissue paper heart collages in preschool {Teach Preschool}

Creative challenge: colorful paper beanbags for preschool play
  {Teach Preschool}

Love Bomb- Valentine’s Day Craft  {No Time for Flashcards}

Someday… activities:
paper Valentine’s candy packets… with a sinister twist  {I Could Make That}
So adorable!  I’ll try it when I get a sewing machine.

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