Sunday Surf: Jan. 29 – Feb. 4

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaI’m joining Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for Sunday Surf. Share your best reading of the week, and link up your post at either blog!

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Happy Surfing!

Car Seat Tantrums –Handled With Respect
  {Janet Lansbury}
This scene began with us at 21 months, and it wasn’t pretty.  I’ve been late for appointments; had a 15 minute screaming match with her; and even (accidentally) locked her in the car.  Not my best parenting moments.  She seems to be in a cooperative spot right now, but I fear a retrogression. It has always been easier for my husband because he’s physically more able to “force” her, which is what Janet recommends.  Maybe the older she gets, she’ll understand compromise and imaginative play and I can use these suggestions from Code Name: Mama as well.

Living a Life of Purpose with Small Children  {Crafting my Life}
I was just thinking about this topic.  As I enrolled my daughter in her first year of preschool, I thought how old she will be when I enroll my (hypothetical) second child into preschool, and I started to freak out a little.  If I wait for both (hypothetical) children to be in school full-time before I go back to school or work full-time, I’ll need to wait at least eight years (yes, 8 years!).  I enjoy staying home with my two-year old, but when the second baby is two or even three… will I feel too unfulfilled staying at home all day long?

Our Children Choose Us  {Janet Lansbury}
I have always felt that my daughter was the perfect fit for me, allowing me to venture out of my comfort zone in many ways!  It’s scary, but I just need to remind myself that she’s worth it.

Written for me:
Figure out what energizes you and do it!
“In addition to whatever lights your fire, think about what healthy habits would energize your body, mind, and soul. How can you work those into an already-overflowing life? The only easy answer is to make them part of your routine.” –Dr. Laura Markham
(Doesn’t that sound like my tagline?  I do need to concretely decide what energizes me and make it a routine.)

Owning Your Choices, Breaking Down the Facade  {Crafting my Life}
I’ve been devouring Amber’s blog lately.  While reading this, I pictured my neighbor going to check to mail at noon in skinny jeans and a cute jacket as I was going up to shower dressed in my ragged workout clothes– true story!  Maybe those neighbors who seem to have at all together with all their obligations wish that they had the carefree life that I have.  From the other side of the fence, I’m a bit envious of their busy schedules… but just a bit.:)

Toddler [realistic] activities:
Making a-maze-ing marble mazes for the preschool classroom
  {Teach Preschool}
Completely doable and fun!  Just need to wait a year or two.😉

Children’s Art: Process VERSUS Product  {Pre K and K Sharing via Red Ted Art’s Blog}
I’ve just discovered the difference between craft and art (I never really thought about it before) on Not Just Cute, a brilliant preschool blog.  This post gives examples and definitions of process (art coming from a child’s mind) and product (step-by-step instructions that doesn’t allow for interpretation.)  As the author, Debbie Clement, writes: the process is all about joie-de-vivre (“to express a cheerful enjoyment of life”) and product is akin to the Stepford Wives. (ha ha!)  She does acknowledge the importance of product (mathematics and medicine, for example) and proposes that both can be accomplished (and has a couple of great examples to do so!)

Oven Baked Parmesan Steak Fries
  {One Perfect Bite}
I love baked French fries!  This looks like a simple addition (Parmesan cheese) to the usual fry.

New recipes on my cooking blog  {Becky’s Kitchen}

Bienenstich  {Eat like a German}
Wow, this recipe actually looks doable!  My mother-in-law made this four years ago when she visited us, and I think this recipe looks easier than what she did.

Someday… activities:
DIY Valentine’s Day Decor {Finding Cupid}  {Decorating… Your Way}
I just began decorating a couple of windows in the house and now I’m looking for inspiration for upcoming holidays and seasons!

Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts and Treats for Kids  {Frugal Family Fun Blog}
These are great ideas!  Can’t wait to do a few in a couple of years.

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5 Responses to Sunday Surf: Jan. 29 – Feb. 4

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  2. This is such a great collection of links! I especially love the ones about purpose: I really do believe your kids ARE made for you…everything happens for a reason. And the grass IS always greener, but lately I’ve been feeling like it’s been pretty green on my side.

    I also love the article about process vs. product. As an artist, I am big on the process, no matter what a child is doing: putting on clothes, creating art, playing. My son loves to grab toys from one bin, bring them to another bin, and play with them. He puts his “men” in the pots and pans in his kitchen and the food from his kitchen into his trash truck. He loves to think outside of the box. There are times when he has asked me for structure, and then I’ll give him suggestions or help him come up with ideas on his own. But I think the process is important. I wrote an article on the Natural Parents Network about it once: It’s so important not to squelch a child’s creativity!

    • fraurab says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Gaby! I’m glad to hear that life is going well for you. Thanks for the suggestions and I will be reading your article soon!

  3. Thank you for sharing the article on car seat tantrums – we often have quite a scene when we try to get our son into the car.

    • fraurab says:

      Thanks for reading, Jenn! Car seat tantrums are no fun. It’s nice to know that you’re not the only one in the situation though. Have a good week!

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