10 reasons why I chose breast over bottles

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This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have shared Top 10 lists on a wide variety of aspects of attachment parenting and natural living. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.


After contemplating March’s theme: “Make a natural parenting ‘Top 10’ list,” I decided to make a list about breastfeeding, my favorite natural parenting principle.  Here is a list of what made me decide initially that ‘breast is best’, and then what encouraged me to continue breastfeeding from babyhood to early toddlerhood.

10.  My mom breastfed me, encouraging me to pass on the tradition.

9.  It gives antibodies to my little infant and when she is a toddler, too!

{newborn & 0-3 months}
8. When I decide on something, I am determined to follow through.

7. Formula cannot imitate mother’s milk.  Even while I needed to supplement, I still nursed her every three hours.

6.  Bonding time!  From the first hours of her life, I fell in love with her side profile.  To this day, when I see her profile, I remember those early days.

{4-14 months}
5. I’m too lazy to wash and sterilize bottles or to warm milk to the perfect temperature– let alone in the middle of the night!

4.  I could feed her anywhere without worrying about bringing bottles, etc.

3.  Every time I breastfed my baby, it was an amazing experience that reminded me how incredible my body is.  I never tired of hearing her gulping-sounds!

2. It’s a lifesaver!  It has saved me from many sleepless nights and could easily comfort her within minutes.

{15-18 months old}
1.  I hope that knowing she was breastfed will encourage her, one day, to breastfeed her own children.

Bonus!  She loved breastmilk/breastfeeding and refused to take a bottle (even while I was working part-time.)  That alone was a huge incentive to keep going!!


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17 Responses to 10 reasons why I chose breast over bottles

  1. Oh mama – #6 makes my heart soar, I love looking at my son and connecting with those sweet early memories! What a beautiful list.

  2. Leslie says:

    I agree with every single one. But especially the life saver part. After a bump or bruise or even a shot at the doctor’s office, nursing always made them feel better. And I honestly believe that I got far more sleep in the first few months because of nursing, (not so much later when at 12 months he decided to start nursing every 2 hours again at night), but as a newborn, nursing in bed was the only way I got any rest.

    • fraurab says:

      Thanks for commenting! Can you believe that I didn’t nurse in bed? I would get up at breastfeed her in her bedroom or in the living room. I did nurse in bed a few times after she turned 1, though. I’ll have to be sure to breastfeed the second baby (whenever that happens) so I can get more sleep! Seriously, how do mothers, who don’t breastfeed, do it? Breastfeeding was my go-to when I didn’t know what to do.

  3. I wrote my list on the same topic. I can’t imagine why moms wouldn’t breastfeed if they are able! It makes life so much simpler.

    • fraurab says:

      Thanks for commenting! I’ll need to look at your list. I definitely found that breastfeeding made parenting easier, not at first, but it did pay off. I know that when I went back to work, a lot of co-workers never breastfed their babies (not even in the hospital) because of a bad experience with their first baby. It’s strange to me to think that they would give up from a bad, past experience. On the other hand, I can imagine why it would be easier for them. The ones that I’m thinking about had to go back to work, full-time, six weeks postpartum. If I were in that same situation, I doubt I would have tried so hard to become “successful”, knowing that I would need to go back to work when my baby is two months old. I’m hoping that breastfeeding actually gets better, from the start, the second time around!

  4. Tashmica says:

    I love that you include laziness! That was totally a deciding factor for me. Seriously? In the middle of the night making a bottle…um, that is craptastic. Rolling over lifting up my shirt and going back to sleep. Word. That’s how we roll🙂

    • fraurab says:

      Yup, great minds think alike!!

    • Leslie says:

      Tashmica – your words have brought me more laughter tonight than anything else! I’m so glad you are in my group. I agree, getting up in the middle of the night is craptastic, rolling over is so much easier. (Do I say Word now?) Word.

  5. Isil says:

    I love the side profile detail, too. I am breastfeeding my 4 year old and even now, when I look at her whilst breastfeeding, I can see my little baby🙂

  6. I love the side-profile detail. It’s those little things that are so precious in the time you spend breastfeeding. The thought of washing and sterilizing bottles all the time made me feel so lazy, too — glad I was lucky and got to breastfeed!

    • fraurab says:

      I also feel lucky that I was able to breastfeed! So many people (including some of my relatives) think it’s easier to bottle feed, even to the extent that one said my daughter had me “wrapped around my finger” because I was still breastfeeding her at 17-months. Little did she know, that during this time I was really still breastfeeding because of me, she didn’t ask for it. It hurts me to know that they don’t know the truth about breastfeeding. I know that it has made life so much easier for us!

  7. fraurab says:

    Thanks for the comment! That’s interesting how you brought up that you weren’t successfully breastfed as a baby. My mom wasn’t breastfed at all. I’m not sure what made her decide that she wanted to breastfeed her own children. I’m the second, so she had some practice from my older brother. But, I’m also aware that I don’t want to put pressure on my daughter, when she has her own children, like I expect her to parent my way. Just like you said, though, after getting the knowledge for yourself, you can make your own way.

    I love the fact that parents are going back to the basics! It’s a great movement.

  8. I wasn’t successfully breastfed when I was a baby. That might have had a bearing on how successful I was when I was leaning on others to support me. After I got the knowledge myself, I didn’t need anymore hand -holding and finally reached my goal of being successful.

    I also love the part about it being free. For those Mamas just barely making it financially, breastfeeding is a HUGE money saver. Combine it with babywearing, and elimination communication (with cloth diapers as a back-up) and the costs of a new baby in the home are brought very low.

  9. Kat says:

    Love this list! The one about the side profile hit home so much, I too get taken over with memories from those days when I see their sweet faces.

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